Coastal Source


A Different Experience, High Performance Outdoor Audio and Lighting

With over 50 years of field experience, Coastal Source has been able to overcome common Outdoor Lighting & Audio failure points with a truly systemized approach. Extreme real world and laboratory testing have allowed Coastal Source to create a complete system of all-weather products that Defy the Elements. Every part of a Coastal Source system is designed, tested, manufactured and warrantied. All components work in harmony with each other to yield the highest performance Outdoor Lighting & Audio products in the industry.


Leon Studio Frame

Transform Sony's Bravia XR TV Into A Framed Work of Art!

Transform Sony's BRAVIA XR 4K ultra-HD display into a beautifully framed work of art. Available for both 65" and 75" models, the Leon Studio Frame™ adds the finishing touch with a contemporary profile, integrated motion-and-light-sensor, and an exclusive TV app developed by Sony. Including a selection of 70 curated works of art-the Sony Art Frame Gallery app converts any BRAVIA with Studio Frame into a digital art display.


Your Personal Art Gallery

With exclusive access to the Sony Art Frame Gallery app you can find the perfect artwork to suit your style-from contemporary photography to impressionist master piece. Or, upload your own images for an even more personalized experience.


Premium Finishes for a premium Display

Available to order in four premium finishes - including Oak, Walnut, Matte Black, and Grain White - Leon's Studio Frame can complement the design of any room.


A Contemporary Profile

Precision crafted with a modern chamfered edge, Studio Frame adds the perfect textural accent to Sony's Bravia XR display - all while mounting less than 4" off the wall.

Halo Remote



You need a remote control that your customers will love-one that looks and works great. One that matches the power of their Control4 system and the beautiful aesthetic of their home. Introducing the Halo family of Control4 remotes with elegant industrial designs, a refined user interface, and packed with features that will redefine your customer's automation experience.

Control4 Halo remotes include a host of user-driven features including backlit buttons, voice-control, WiFi 2.4 and 5GHz support, and a redesigned UI with new interaction options, and updates for the Watch, Listen, and Lights experiences. Halo remotes also include end-user install capabilities, and OvrC integration that reports battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity data. All those powerful features come packaged in an elegant form that elevates any space and is perfect for any customer, from tech-lovers to the novice.

Halo Remote



Simply put, the Halo family is a generational leap to a user experience that transcends the rest.

Intelligent remote capable of media browsing, device control and scene selection for AV, lighting, comfort, and security
Full complement of backlit buttons for easy and intuitive single-handed use in the dark
WiFi Strength increased 3-5x over Neeo and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
New Voice button dynamically functions as a Siri Remote for Apple TV or Xfinity Voice Remote for the Xfinity boxes
Ultra-low power processor for extended battery life
If asleep, a button press will wake Halo and execute the command

Vibrant Linear Lighting



Vibrant Linear Lighting solution shines new light on the potential of any space. Fully integrated temperature, color, and brightness elevate an environment into an automated personal experience.

The Vibrant Linear Lighting system offers a premium light diffusion experience by integrating LED strips and aluminum extrusions. Felt more than it is seen, linear lighting from Vibrant enhances ambiance by erasing harsh shadows and highlighting the architectural elements of a space. This accent layer of lighting is a design-minded feature for the discerning client.

Linear lighting by Vibrant infuses a space that once fell flat or lacked functionality with a new, fully personalized dimensionality.

Vibrant Linear Lighting


To ensure the quality of Vibrant Linear Lighting, Control4 tapped an industry-leading manufacturing partner with over 35 years of celebrated experience. Vibrant Linear Lighting offers only high-end, single bin, temperature-validated diodes within this line-up. With a 90+ rating from the color rendering index, the Vibrant Linear Lighting solution allows for the most authentic shades of colors to permeate a client's space.

Vibrant Linear Outdoor Lighting


Vibrant Linear Lighting solutions will add to existing lighting revenue streams or introduces an entirely new one. Since Vibrant Linear Lighting is low voltage, it's easy to install, so there's no need for third-party contractors. This keeps more profit in your pocket.

Since training is always available, it's easier than ever to start growing into the lighting category. Take advantage of this reliable, high-quality, high-margin lighting opportunity.

Outdoor Audio and Lighting

Radiance: The First of Its Kind

Episode Radiance is the modular, all-in-one-wire outdoor audio and lighting system you didn't know you needed! With patent-pending ACE technology that enables audio and lighting to run over a single 2-conductor wire, you'll enjoy simplified wiring and reduced install time. Give your customers safety, comfort and entertainment all year in their favorite outdoor spaces with Radiance.
- Deliver audio and lighting on a single 2-conductor wire-an industry first!
- Each speaker radiates sound in a 360-degree wide dispersion pattern and a uniform coverage area without "hot spots"-even when mounted right side up, or upside down.
- The Episode Radiance light modules are 7W and share the popular common color temperature of 2700K.
- The MB-1 combines up to 500W of Audio and up to 300W of lighting in one small footprint.
- Nearly indestructible die-cast zinc design with IP66 rated speakers, subwoofer, light module, and accessories .
- Modular and toolless Twist-To-Lock attachment makes adding light to any speaker or blank fast and easy.
- Stake, pendant, surface, and wall mounting options  for lights, speakers, blanks or combinations.